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Proud customers of the leading early education platform:

With brightwheel, our teachers save time by combining check-in, photos, activities, and communication all in one place. This means more time with our students!  As a parent, you’ll get private, real-time updates and photos delivered to your phone or computer. See all features.


Early education centers across the globe use brightwheel to help schools and teachers stay better connected with families…And Otter Learning is a proud partner!


What is brightwheel?

Daily Updates: A real-time feed of activities throughout the day via text, photos and videos.

Stay Connected: Stay in touch with your teacher and strengthen learning with activities at home. Get messages and notifications for photos, videos, notes, and check-ins.

Digital Check-in: Easy digital sign-in with your personal check-in code, digital signature, or your own device by scanning an image at your location!

Paperless Billing: Secure, online system for receiving invoices and receipts for tuition, as well as paying bills digitally. (No more checks!)

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Proud customers of the
leading digital early childhood curriculum platform:


Developed over the past 21 years and after testing thousands of lesson plans, Funnydaffer was created as a developmentally appropriate curriculum that delivers the subjects and lessons that kids both love and need.


This is a a serious curriculum with a silly name…FUNNYDAFFER! The curriculum and learning system puts Child-Directed Play at the center of our educational philosophy with teacher-directed lessons and enrichment experiences included in our everyday learning cycle.

This layered educational approach provides unprecedented variety and learning experiences for your child.  Learn more here.

What is funnydaffer?

Funnydaffer is a complete, fully-customizable, on-line early childhood focused Curriculum. Because it’s on-line, you as a parent can follow our daily lesson plans, search for new lessons and even write your own.  You’ll see the supplies that we use and the educational standards that we are focusing on with your child. But don't forget the Resource Library - it's loaded with helpful templates and tools to use in the classroom or at home!

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We believe that you will quickly understand that Otter Learning schools offer a learning experience that stands out above the rest.

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